We Are Looking for Brilliant Writers and Editors

Writer’s PhD is on the hunt for writers and editors. Here is what we need:


  • Writers and bloggers to contribute weekly posts to our site. You are free to choose any topic you want to write about. In the start-up phase, we cannot pay you for your writing, but you will get full credit for the book with backlinks to your profile/site. You will be eligible for a cut of the ad revenue generated too.
  • Freelance writers who have extensive experience can apply to be added to our database of writers. To be eligible for this, you must craft a solid blog post every week. When a client reaches out to us, we will assign the client to the best writer for the job. You must apply to with a resume and portfolio. Email us at 72hourpress@gmail.com with “Writer App” in the subject line.
  • Freelance editors will have the same opportunity. If you are an editor, new or experienced, please apply.
  • Are you or do you have the ability to coach other writers? Do you think that you could build courses and videos that educate others about writing, editing, journalism, etc? Email us with a resume and a cover letter telling us what makes you different from the rest.


Once we get rolling, we will create a “Writers and Editors Database” where you will be able to create a mini profile. All editors, writers, bloggers, and writing educators will be listed.

The best thing about our model is that everybody will bring potential clients to the site through social media and networking connections. This is a group effort and if we are successful, there is potential to earn a full-time income.

Apply today and you will hear back from us within 48 hours.


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