Bullet Journaling Your Way To Writing

I just recently discovered that bullet journaling is a thing, an amazing thing! It is the ultimate organizer of your life while also being an outlet for your creativity. You use it to set goals, keep yourself inspired, establish To-Do lists, and even a daily log. Recently though, I’ve been wondering how I could kick it up a notch and use it to keep me writing.


First, you need to know the basics of bullet journaling. Check out Carrie Crista’s Youtube video, Beginner’s Guide To Bullet Journaling to help you get your bearings as to what the hell a bullet journal is. I do have a couple of suggestions on my part though. She uses a lined notebook, but, personally, I find that dotted grid or graph paper is much more useful and makes penning ideas and designs easier. Also, my current journal is a Midori A5 with graph paper. Love, love, love it! And it’s super cheap compared to the Leuchtturm1917 (though this journal is also awesome) while also having wonderful paper quality that is super resistant to bleed through by pens and markers. Finally, Tombow markers are high-quality and fun if you feel like getting creative with your journal.


For more examples, just go to Pinterest and type in “Bullet Journal” and you’ll see tons of ideas!


Now, how to incorporate writing?


For me, I use my journal in a few different ways. One is to incorporate a writing tracker. It’s simple, fun, and inspires me to try to write. I’ve included a picture of what my writing tracker looks like below, which the format was copied from here.  


Another page that every writer should have is a book tracker, which you can see an image below and was inspired by this pinterest idea.


Because I’m no expert and I’m just beginning myself, I thought I would let the pros speak about how to best use a bullet journal for writing.


  • Victoria from Something Delicious has a lot of wonderful ideas on how to use your journal both for writing and as a planner.
  • Page Flutter also has some great lists you can incorporate into your bullet journal that you can refer back to when writing.
  • Finally, a few more ideas from Boho Berry who really gets into the nitty gritty of using a bullet journal for writing.


So, now you’re as caught up as I am when it comes to bullet journaling. Remember, your journal can be structured however you want it to be and it doesn’t have to be perfect, as you can tell from mine. It’s meant to keep you on track, so whatever works for you is great! Good luck and have fun!


Book Tracker Writing Tracker


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