Writing Services

coach (1)¬†We have a range of writers that can craft stunning creative, commercial, or academic writing. Please see below for the types of writing we offer and the rates. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us.







Ghostwriting is a team effort. You have the writer who has an idea and maybe even written a manuscript. And you have the ghostwriter, a writer who takes the author’s intent and turns it into a shiny manuscript. Ghostwriters have been writing famous books for decades.

Rate: $100 per hour

Copy Writing

There’s a reason that companies need writers: to write brilliant and compelling copy. From full-length articles to witty product descriptions our writers have you covered.

Rate: $75 per hour

Blog Writing

Blog posts are important for creating a community. Whether you need writers to craft posts for your company’s website or you are looking to outsource and diversify the content on your blog, we have bloggers who can get you what you need.

Rate: $50 per hour

Children’s Book Writing

Want to publish a series or a picture book? Perhaps you are an amazing illustrator and need a writing partner? Hire one of our experienced children’s book authors to help you.

Rate: $75 per hour or negotiable based on project.

Poetry Writing

Poetry is being read more and more these days. All of our poets have book publications on the market and can help you write poems to suit your needs. Poets are perfect for greeting card designers or copy that requires a more artistic touch.

Rate: $50 per hour