Work with Us

Do you want to write blog posts and have access to thousands of potential clients? Writer’s PhD is going to deliver that to you. We are actively seeking writers, editors, bloggers, and educators to help us build the site into an amazing community for writers.

Ultimately, we are offering three main things to our readers:

  1. Informative blog posts
  2. Writing, editing and coach services
  3. Writing/Editing Courses and Videos and Podcasts


How it Works

Simply apply to be a blogger, writer, editor, educator, or all of the above. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to

If you are a good fit, we will invite you to contribute to our blog. We require all members, whether you are a blogger, editor, writer, or educator to contribute 1 blog post per week to the site. Posts should be at least 250 words. If you are interested in doing a podcast or video-based post, we would be thrilled. Our goal is to have a diverse range of information.

For those of you who wish to be listed as a freelance writer, editor, or coach, we will add you to a database. This is still be hashed out, but it will be a page where everybody on our roster is listed with their pic, service specialty, and tiny bio. Kinda like the Okcupid for the writing community. Don’t worry though, readers and clients will have to go through us before they are connected to you in order to avoid any privacy issues.


Getting Paid

Since we are in the baby stages of this site, we cannot pay for individual blog posts. However, should ad revenue begin to come in, we will split it with folks who are working their butts off by writing great posts and using social media to support the site.

In regards to editorial, writing, and coaching services, you will earn 80 percent of the fee charged to the client. The 20% kept by Writer’s PhD goes toward maintaining the site, marketing, and the fact that we are bringing thousands of potential clients right to your doorstep.

Honestly, if we are successful, and we believe that we will be, you may find this outlet to be your main source of income.